Company Profile

Serio Construction Inc. was founded on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and accountability. Mike Serio started Serio Construction Inc. in 1988 as a general contractor in Monterey California after 11-years of experience in the construction industry.  In 1992 Mike brought Serio Construction Inc. back to his home state of Utah.  Serio Construction Inc. has employed a team of builders who have worked together for over 20-years.

Serio Construction Inc. has a vested interest in being proficient in “True to Square” framing, design-build, custom home, and remodel projects with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Who We Are

Serio Construction Inc.  is a construction company dedicated to "Creating Loyal Customers" by providing the best construction value and delivering quality work within budget and schedule constraints of its construction clients. Our "word of mouth" reputation is the foundation of Serio Construction Inc.